About Us

What is huntjobcareer? Who are we? What do we have to offer?

Hunt Job Career is the most all-encompassing job resource available today. Hunt Job Career has a wealth of information including potential careers, trends and everything needed for professional resumes and cover letters.

1. “Hunt Job Career” is a mega job search engine has thousands of jobs. these can be categorized in any manner you choose. the viewer can look at all openings in a given category. they can search geographically for listings. major cities are listed and availabilities can be viewed in these. positions can be sought by commuting range. there are many listings for virtual jobs that can be performed from any location. we provide a cross section of openings any way you prefer to check for them. If you are in search of a job, there is no better resource out there.

2. Job Trends :

  The hottest jobs and potentially declining fields are available on our site. For undecided students, who have not declared a major, or job candidates there is vital information on the most needed fields. Trends for the future work force are changing. We have data you may not find anywhere else. For instance, there are some areas where there is such a shortage of workers that employers had to go outside the country for hiring. This is information that future employees need to know when planning careers.

3. Resume and Cover Letter Tips :

  If you have uncertainty about compiling your cover letter and resume, we have everything you need. The site has a Resume Factory which provides varying styles of resume and cover letter and tips. Examples are even for specific professions. We include the most up to date advice on what should be included when addressing the employer with your cover letter and what not to include. Resume examples are provided. For most of the more common professions we provide actual cover letters and resumes to be used.

4. CareerLand for Workplace Solutions:

  “Hunt Job Career” has answers to some of the most common challenges faced in the workplace today. These problems are addressed and solutions are provided in handling them in the most professional manner. For instance,do you know how to best handle a bad boss? We have that information and much more for providing solutions to every day workplace situations.

5. Interview Tips & Preparation :

  Our site also gives you tips on preparation for acquiring that desired job. We have information on how to best handle personality tests, doing well with a telephone interview and other challenges. Many solutions are provided that potential employees have possibly never considered. Through use of “Hunt Job Career”, candidates are prepared in advance for anything they encounter in the hiring process. “Hunt Job Career” also provides tips and tests for interview preparation. Whether it is phone interviews or traditional interview methods we provide everything needed to excel in the interview process. We also have tests that can be taken for interview preparation

6. Easy Access :

When potential employees are preparing for hiring and run into a snag, the last thing that is needed is automated prompts. At “Hunt Job Career” you matters. We realize you are utilizing the site to gain real information and need instant help and solutions. On our site we provide our email address and a telephone number should you need assistance. At “Hunt Job Career” we want you to come away from our site prepared for your dream job.

At “Hunt Job Career” we want you to come away from our site prepared for your dream job.