Privacy Policy:

The Privacy Policy provided by is designed to protect our website, along with personal information provided by those accessing the website. By accepting this policy, and registering on the website, you agree and consent to our uses and disclosure of your personal information described in the terms and conditions, and privacy policy.

Information Gathering:

When accessing our website, your personal information (such as IP address) is collected and automatically stored. Depending on your usage, our website may require you to provide specific personal information to access certain services. Information collected includes, but is not exclusive, to your name, email and physical address, phone numbers, and credit card information, etc. We may also collect demographic information.

When using certain third party services, information may also be indirectly collected, such as areas you visit, and website use.


Many of our web pages use "cookies", which is a file that collects information and stores it to automatically recall later. Most browsers allow you to control the information cookies will store, and how to refuse and remove them from your hard drive.


While your information is important to us, and we take many measures to protect the data, nothing is 100% guaranteed. Do not expect or assume your information is private.

Information Usage:

When providing information to, you understand and provide consent for our servers to store your information. We do not provide your information to third parties without your consent, unless you choose to make your profile public, which automatically allows your information to be visible.

We use and collect your information to (but not limited to): provide you with a safe, user friendly site; to improve our services; to contact you for preferences, updates and job opportunities, and to relay information about the website, such as newsletters, emails, and marketing communications.

We also use information to provide customer support, troubleshooting, be vigilant regarding illegal or potentially prohibited activities, detect security issues, and to protect the rights, property or safety of

Consent to Third Party Opportunities:

We may disclose your information to third parties such as employees, and service providers, who already have website access to provide an efficient site, if you consent to receive information about third party opportunities, services, etc. or you make your profile visible

You are required to provide an accurate name and email address when using our referral service for friends.

We reserve the right to disclose your information as required by law or when we believe that it is necessary to provide identifiable information in order to protect our rights or in compliance with the law.

Resume Storage:

Your resume can be stored on our servers, and depending on the profile status you choose, it can be accessible to potential employers. A visible profile status makes your resume searchable, non-confidential, and visible to all. An anonymous profile status ensures a confidential resume that will only be available to those positions for which you are applying. We cannot guarantee third parties will gain access to your resume, nor are we responsible for the use made of your resume by those who have access.

You have the ability to edit or delete your resume, but anyone who has access to the database when your profile was public has the ability to save an original posted document while visible. We are not to be held responsible for such retention/storage.

Changing Information:

You can change your information at any time once signing in to the website. We at, will not change your information for you.

Once a public posting is made, you cannot change or delete it without a request from the website managers. We will close your account and remove information as soon as possible. We will, however, retain your information from a closed account to comply with the law.

Account Protection:

You are responsible for your password to your account, and it is the only way to access your resumes, postings, and account. You are solely responsible for any activity listed under your username and password, therefore it is imperative to protect your password and not share it.

Business Transaction:

In the event of a company sale or merger, your information will likely be transferred as well. You will be notified via email of any change in ownership or control of your identifiable information.

Changes in this Privacy Statement:

If and when the privacy policy is to be updated, we will post changes to this privacy statement. We deserve the right to change our statement at any time.


We do not store or keep credit card data in a location that is accessible via the Internet. Once we complete a transaction, the information is sent to an offline account.