Terms and Conditions:

1. General Understanding:

This document constitutes an agreement that you abide by the terms and conditions set by huntjobcareer.com. You agree to be bound to the rules set in the privacy policy, guides, or any other information obtained from the web site. Using this website also constitutes complete understanding and agreement to the terms. Please contact us for any questions regarding our policies.

2. Website Access:

When accessing huntjobcareer.com you are expected to provide accurate and factual personal information about yourself. You agree to update required information if it changes, and other information that may be required to adequately use our site. We reserve the right to request proof of information, and by accessing the site, you agree to provide the information. General requirements needed to access the website are as follows:

  • A: You verify that you are at least eighteen (18) years of age.
  • B: Your must be within the United States when using our website.
  • C: You may not use our website for redistribution, outsourcing, or any other such motion, nor will you provide information or services to third parties.

3. Provided Services:

Each service ordered will be performed as agreed at our then current rates plus applicable taxes. Huntjobcareer.com selects personnel and subcontractors to provide services listed on the website.

4. Documentation:

You agree to not make any copies of our guides, policies, or documentation unless expressly permitted, in writing, by huntjobcareer.com

5. Confidential Information:

This includes any documentation, products, and all other information believed confidential, which does not include general public knowledge, or information known or developed by the user. We reserve the right to confidentially disclose the user's information requested as we see fit, and have the right to prevent unauthorized disclosure of any of our products or services.

6. Copyright:

You agrees that all graphics or text, along with any other information and all revisions is protected by copyright laws. The domain, logo, all page headers, and other information items are trade dress of huntjobcareer.com. All other trademarks, company names, etc. on the web site are the sole property of the website owners. You agree to seek permission before using content for other purposes.

7. Termination:

This agreement begins immediately upon your user access to huntjobcareer.com's website, and terminate upon user decision, or by the following: (a) Termination: We may terminate your access to our website without notice at our discretion for any reason, this includes for violations, acting negatively against us, and acting in an unlawful manner. (b)Termination of Services: We may, at any time, cease access to the services of our website for any reason.

8. Risk:

Accessing this website is an understood agreement that you are not subject to any restrictions prevent you from carrying out the terms of this agreement. You agree to use the website at your own risk.

9. Warranty:

We disclaim all warranties and give no warranty regarding any services provided on our website.

10. Liability:

When accessing the website, you understand and agree that we will not be liable for any types of damages, direct or indirect. You will not seek for damages, and we will not be subject to claims resulting from the user's breach of agreement. If for any reason liability is imposed on huntjobcareer.com, then you understand our liability from any of the user's loses will not exceed $100.00.

11. Defrayal:

You shall indemnify us from any claims brought against the website, and against any and all damages and losses arising out of any claim against us insinuating our website caused bodily harm or death, while caused by the negligence of the user while accessing our website. Any claim or act that that infringes on our rights: including: copy, confidentiality, trade secret, patent, trademark, etc. are enforceable under the law.

12. Mandatory Arbitration:

You agree that while using our website, all claims against this agreement will be resolved using arbitrators from the American Arbitration Association's Commercial Arbitration Rules. There will be no consolidation of claims against other consumers but hunjobcareer.com and a specific user. Unless prohibited by law, we, huntjobcareer.com, and you, the user, waive a right to trial by jury.

13. Prevention Procedures:

Although we cannot guarantee the security of information presented to our website by those who access it, we use standard procedures to prevent access by unauthorized individuals, such as firewalls, and encryption services. You agree to use the website and present information as requested at your own risk.

14. Tampering and unauthorized use prohibited:

You agree that tampering with our website in any way will lead to your immediate termination, and possible legal action. Also punishable by law is unauthorized use and/or entry into our website.

15. Transferring Rights:

You may not transfer rights or assign any license under the agreement. We reserve the right to transfer the agreement due to influences such as mergers, or sales.

16. Marketing:

Our website may refer to your use of the products or services during publicity presentations or marketing.

17. Written Notices:

Any notice regarding the Agreement is required to be in writing, which may be delivered by fax, email, or written mail. Notices are sent to the president or managing director, and must provide proof of delivery.

18. Independent Services:

As independent contractor, our services will not be represented as a franchiser or legal agent or representative of the other party. We reserve the right to amend this agreement, in writing only, with both parties agreeing and signing said notice. We also reserve the right to amend any errors in the agreement.

19. Contact Information:

By signing up with our website, you are opting-in to receive our newsletters by email, other special offer emails, and/or third-party emails. You may opt-out at any time, if so desired.

20. Entire Agreement:

The agreement, terms, conditions, and privacy policy constitutes the entire agreement between huntjobcareer.com and the user.